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Ottokie Ashoona


Ottokie Ashoona was born on December 17th, 1970 at an outpost camp located twenty miles from Cape Dorset on Baffin Island in Canada's high arctic.

Ottokie is the son of very well known artists Kaka (now deceased) and Mayureak Ashoona. His step-brother is Ohito Ashoona. His grandmother Pitseolak Ashoona was famous for her drawings and prints.

Ottokie and his family moved to Cape Dorset in the early 1970's where he now lives.

Ottokie taught himself to carve when he was 10 years old. He prefers to carve polar bears which he carves in every pose imaginable: swimming, crouching, sitting, sleeping, on the prowl.
He also carves other animals as well as spirits and sednas.