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About Us

Inuit Art is an exclusively online retail Inuit art gallery dedicated to bringing all inuit art
lovers a wide variety of inuit / eskimo art sculptures that have been hand sculpted by Inuit artists. We
have no storefront and are thus able to offer this beautiful art from 15% to 65% off gallery prices.

Most of our sculptures come from Cape Dorset, which is located on Baffin Island in Canada's high
arctic. We occasionnally have carvings from Iqaluit, Pangnirtung, Sanikiluak and Pond Inlet.

The majority of sculptures on our site are hand carved out of serpentine (a stone which is harder than soapstone) found on the southern part of Baffin Island. We occasionnally have pieces carved out of
marble, argillite, basalt, steatite or caribou antler.

Our online selection is unique because it includes pieces by well known Inuit carvers such as Nuna Parr,
as well as young, up and coming Inuit artists.

Our gallery presently has dancing bears, walking bears, walruses, whales, fish, seals, narwhales, birds, loons, eagles, ducks, owls, inukshuk, spirits, sednas, transformations, people (hunters, women, drum dancers) as well as other arctic animals such as caribou, wolf, bisons, penguins and muskox. We also carry mother and child, etching sculptures as well as wall hangings. was born in 2001 under the name The founder, Louise Bandet, has been involved with Inuit art since 1988 and is dedicated to bringing Inuit art lovers everywhere the best available sculptures of Inuit art.

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