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Frequently Asked Questions
  • I have an older Inuit sculpture that I inherited and I would like to find out more about it.

    Inuit Art Sculptures does not deal with older Inuit art sculptures because we are mainly focused on authentic recent Inuit art. If you have a sculpture that is older and you want to find out its value, we suggest you first try to determine whether it is authentic (see other FAQ further below). If you think it is authentic, you can contact one of the established auction houses in Canada that deal with older Inuit art on a regular basis. For example: Waddington's in Toronto ( They have auctions that focus on older Inuit art a few times per year and are equipped to appraise your sculpture.

  • Can you give me the contact information of an inuit artist so I can contact him / her?

    We do not provide any personnal / contact information concerning any Inuit artists featured on our website..

  • I just bought a "Wolf Original" and want more information such as what the "WE" means?

    You can research "Wolf Original" in Google. You will get lots of information. A Wolf Original is not an authentic Inuit art sculpture. It is an imitation of an Inuit art carving. We do not carry any of these items.

  • I just bought a sculpture from a store and would like information about the sculptor, is it authentic, etc?

    The gallery / store where you purchased the sculpture should be able to provide you with this information. All authentic Inuit art sculptures will have an Igloo tag which confirms it is authentic. It can be an actual tag that accompanies the sculpture or a sticker on the bottom of the sculpture. If you wish to know more about the artist, we suggest you contact the Canadian government's Ministry of Indian and Northern Affairs at: .

  • Can we come and look at the sculptures on your website in person?

    The website is the store / gallery. There is no physical location to come and look at the sculptures in person.
    This is why prices are 10 to 65 % less than in a gallery.

  • Can you appraise my inuit art sculpture collection?

    We do not do appraisals. Please note that appraisals of Inuit art sculpures are never done for free at any gallery because they are time consuming and may require a lot of research. You can expect to pay a minimum of $ 150 for an appraisal of your art sculpture.

  • How do I care for my inuit art sculpture?

    All stone sculptures need to be handled with care. Keep the stone clean, (keep dust off it with a soft cloth) and fully support the sculpture when moving it. Ship in humidity-controlled packing cases with sufficient protection from mechanical shock (lots and lots of bubble wrap should be used). Avoid displaying your stone sculpture in areas near a door or air vents and in any place where it could easily get knocked down to the floor (and broken).

  • Can't find what you are looking for on the website?

    All of us at Inuit Art strive to offer you, our client, the best selection of Inuit art available on the Internet. If you are looking for a particular sculpture or artist, send us the particulars such as size, type of animal and we will keep looking untill we find your masterpiece.

  • I purchased a sculpture at an auction, garage sale, etc and / or received it as a gift and I want to know how much it is worth?

    Unfortunately we do not offer appraisal services at this point in time. Please remember that an authentic Inuit art sculpture will be accompanied by the "Igloo tag" from the Canadian government which certifies that it was made by an Inuit artist. The certificate will have the name of the artist, the village where it was carved, the year it was carved and a short description of the item, i.e. bear, walrus. If the sculpture you plan to buy does not come with the "Igloo tag" then beware as it may or may not be authentic.

  • How realistic are your online images?

    The photographs we take of each sculpture are as realistic as possible. Typically sculptures look much better in real life so if you like the photographs you will love the sculpture. If you are interested in a piece and want more pictures, we can send you more pictures of your favorite piece by email.

  • How do I know my sculpture is an original and not a cheap imitation?

    All inuit art sculptures come with the "Igloo tag"Certificate.
    The Canadian government has registered the "Igloo" as a trademark. This tag certifies that the inuit art sculpture you are purchasing was handmade by an Inuit artist of Canada.

  • What if my sculpture arrives damaged?

    Should your shipment arrive damaged you must contact us immediately and we will provide instructions.

  • Confidentiality / Privacy

    All our dealings are private and confidential. We do not share our mailing lists or any other information you provide us. All information you share with us is kept strictly confidential and is gathered in accordance with the Canadian privacy Law.

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