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Why is an Inuit sculpture the perfect gift?
Because it is Unique, Original, One of a kind and
each sculpture is hand carved individually.

Bird sculptures
Bear Sculptures
Dancing bear

An Inuit art sculpture is unique, original, one of a kind. Each sculpture is hand carved by an Inuk artist from Baffin Island. The unique beauty and originality of an Inuit art sculpture makes it a one of a kind gift for that special someone or for yourself.
Various sculptures
Whale sculptures

An Inuit art sculpture will make you feel good every time you look at it. You will congratulate yourself on your good taste and on your decision to finally find and purchase that special sculpture. And remember that each sculpture is unique, original, one of a kind.

It is because of their unique, timeless originality and beauty that Inuit art sculptures, like most other artforms are sought after, as they enhance the beauty and prestige of one's home.

Seal sculptures
Narwhal sculptures
Walrus sculptures
Spirit sculptures

Remember: An Inuit art sculpture is...
  • beautiful (it makes a unique, one of a kind gift)

  • it increases in value every year (the price will double, triple and even quadruple over the next 10 to 20 years)

  • it is unique, original, "one of a kind" (you will never see another like yours as they are all hand sculpted individually)

  • it is made of serpentine (a stone harder than soapstone) and thus feels hard and smooth to the touch

  • it comes in a variety of colours ranging from pale green to dark green, black and grey

Look at how beautiful it looks over your fireplace!
Doesn't it make you feel good every time you look at it?

Go ahead and order the sculpture of your choice today. Use it, display it, look at it, admire it, give it as a gift, and enjoy all the comments from your friends.

Beautiful...says your best friend. What good taste you have!
How can I get one?

  • Gain trust that the Inuit sculpture you have purchased is not a knock off or cheap imitation.
    CertificateWith the certificate of authenticity from the Canadian government that accompanies each and every sculpture. This certificate is your guarantee that your sculpture is genuine and hand carved by an Inuit from Baffin Island.

How to place an order?

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Your feedback!

I look forward to getting an email from you, telling me about how beautiful your Inuit art sculpture looks and how pleased you are with your purchase.

PS: Place your order now or someone else will be looking at your favorite sculpture in their living room......and that would be a shame!

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