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Purchase Information
  • Method of payment: Payment may be made by using our secure shopping cart provided by Paypal. (Please do not email us your credit card information).

    We also accept personal cheques, certified cheques, bank drafts and money orders as well as bank transfers. Your order will be shipped once your cheque has cleared (this can take up to four weeks for cheques from the USA).

    We no longer accept cheques from countries other than Canada and the US. International orders must be paid through the shopping cart or you may contact us to discuss other payment methods such as international bank transfers or Western Union.

  • Taxes / Duties : All sculptures purchased by Canadian buyers will have the appropriate sales tax
    added to the total cost of the sculpture (GST, QST, HST).

    Sculptures shipped to the US are tax and duty free.

    Sculptures shipped worldwide: taxes such as the VAT will be charged by your country when the item arrives in customs. We not responsible for these taxes or fees.

  • Shipping: We ship internationally by Expedited Parcel.

    Shipping flat fee of 25 $ for Canada and the USA. The shipping fee is non refundable.

    For international orders, you must contact us prior to purchasing to find out the appropriate shipping costs for your country that will be added to the total cost of the sculpture.

  • Currency: Prices are quoted in American dollars. Your credit card company or bank will convert the amount paid into the currency used in your country.

    Prices are quoted in Canadian dollars in the Canada and french sections of the website. If you are from Canada please pay in Canadian dollars by going to the Canada or french side of the website.

  • Guaranty: Should your sculpture arrive damaged you must contact us immediately and we will provide instructions for the return of the sculpture and appropriate refund or exchange.

    Your satisfaction is our priority. You have seven days to examine your sculpture and if you are not totally satisfied with your purchase you can exchange it for another sculpture (please note that shipping fees will not be refunded or credited). You must contact us before sending the item back so that we can provide shipping and customs clearance information.

    Sculptures returned and damaged in transit because of poor packing by the customer will not be refunded.

  • Authenticity: All Inuit art sculptures come with the "Igloo tag".Certificate
    The Canadian government has registered the "Igloo" as a trademark. This tag certifies that the Inuit art sculpture you are purchasing was handmade by an Inuit artist of Canada.

  • Privacy: All our dealings are private and confidential. We do not share our mailing lists or any other information you provide us.

To order please use our shopping cart or contact us.

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